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January 5, 2019

How to Stay Connected with Good Shepherd on Social Media


Did you know that Good Shepherd is on social media? We share stories, photos, events, and information about our programs and community. We’d love for you to check them out and follow along!



Facebook is our most-used social media network. We share stories, photos, events, and information from our partners. To engage with us on Facebook, make sure that you “follow” our page and like, comment, and share what we post!



We share links, retweet our partners and other agencies, and good news stories. Follow along to stay up to date!



We share photos and snapshots of our programs, services, clients, and events. Follow along to see more of what we do!



On our blog, we share client stories and information about what we do at Good Shepherd. We share links from these stories on Facebook and Twitter, so you can stay in the loop!


If you have ideas for a social media post or have a story you’d like to see shared, let us know! Email Emma at to share!