A “Super” Foster Care Adoption - Good Shepherd


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February 8, 2018


Congratulations to mom Tonya and her son, Thomas! Thomas was adopted from foster care and his adoption was finalized on January 31st. After Thomas was adopted, Tonya sent along this note to his foster care team:

I do not know where to begin but I wanted to personally thank you all. From every ounce in my heart I hope you all know that we appreciated your hard work, your dedication, knowledge and compassion. Going through this process definitely opened my eyes to what you all go through daily; I realize I only seen a tiny spec and our situation was unique and essentially a smooth process but you all have made me want to encourage others to at least look into fostering & adoption. My entire family feels blessed that we had such a great team throughout this entire process. Thank you for everything.

Congrats to this sweet forever family!