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Treatment Foster Care

Treatment Foster Care is for youth of both genders, ages 12-21, who are in foster care and experiences challenges in a traditional foster home setting. Treatment foster homes accept the responsibility of providing a structured home environment, therapeutic interventions, and additional supervision or oversight. In taking on the additional responsibility, the clinical team at Good Shepherd provides weekly family coaching, training in therapeutic interventions, nursing support and medical training, education advocacy and 24/7 crisis interventions. Good Shepherd’s staff has been extensively trained by one of the founders in an evidence based curriculum called “Together Facing the Challenge.” This model was developed by Duke University and builds on the practices that are related to positive youth changes in existing practice. The research shows more positive results than those homes using alternative methods of care. The curriculum uses practical interventions to address troubling behaviors, trauma, and preparation for adulthood.

What to Expect

  • 40 hours of training a year; in medication management, crisis intervention, mental health diagnosis and treatment, strength based and cultural diversity training
  • 24/7 access to a Family Consultant for crisis coaching and medication
  • Nursing support for physical and medical concerns
  • Education advocacy for challenges in your home school or special school district
  • Weekly consultation and training
  • Daily stipend for daily expenses
  • 48 hours per month of respite
  • Annual vacation
  • Work as a front line treatment provider, as well as providing the nurturing care of a substitute parent
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Download the application to become a treatment foster parent here: Application

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Do you have questions about what it’s like being a Treatment Foster Parent? Maria, our Lead Foster Parent, has 13+ years working with challenging youth in foster care. Watch Maria’s story about fostering. 

What is Treatment Foster Care?

Treatment foster care is a program for youth who are experiencing challenges in a traditional home setting. These specialized homes accept the responsibility of providing a structured trauma informed living environment that invites a youth to grow and heal. Watch this video to learn more about Good Shepherd’s Treatment Foster Care program.

Who is in Treatment Foster Care?

Youth who have been placed in a treatment foster home have experienced complex trauma. These children, teens, and young adults need a safe and committed environment so they can heal and grow. Watch this video to learn hear one young woman’s story in treatment foster care.