What do you want for Father’s Day? - Good Shepherd


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by Mike Nardini, Board Chair

I remember asking my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day when I was a kid, and he’d say something like, “Just get me a card.” And I’d roll my eyes because who in their right mind would ask for a card when they could get something good?

Now I’m an adoptive dad to two 20 year olds and a seven year old and I know that just being their parent, getting to spend my time in their company, is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. There’s nothing that could ever come close.

My wife and I weren’t necessarily looking to adopt when we met our sons. I didn’t know that much about being an adoptive dad at first but I’ve learned that even though they may not be part of my bloodline, they are 100% my sons. They learn your behaviors, they learn your sense of humor, they pick up your mannerisms, they learn from watching you be a man. (And you learn to watch your language around them!)

Seeing them mature into exceptional young men and helping them reach the futures they deserve is my proudest parenting achievement. I’m thankful for the community we have around us at our church, with our friends, and through the support we’ve received at Good Shepherd. I’m honored to be part of this organization by serving on the board, where I’m a part of setting the agency up for a stable, exciting future that will help connect even more children with families and keep families connected.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone,