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Waiting Families

Are you considering placing your baby or child for adoption? If so, you will want to be sure your child is placed in a loving home. The families featured below are waiting to welcome a child into their hearts and their families.

To talk to our adoption worker, call or text 314-724-8417.

Rachel & Adam

We met in high school and after dating six years through college, were married in 2007. We lived in St. Louis for four years and then moved back to our hometown to be near our families. Adam is the middle child of three and Rachel is the oldest of four. […]

Jeff & Marian

About Us We are Jeffery and Marian. We met in high school through a mutual friend. Jeff was sixteen years old at the time and I was fifteen years old. We met at a school carnival (Jeff went to a different school in a neighboring town). After a brief introduction, […]

Matt & Erica

ABOUT US: Hi there! We are Matt and Erica from St. Louis, MO. We met through a mutual friend at the University of Arkansas (Woo Pig Sooie!) in 2014 and have been together ever since, getting married in 2018. Matt works as a hearing care practitioner and Erica works in […]

Jeffrey & Claire

About Us: Hello! We are Jeff and Claire.  We have been married for 4 years. We live in the St. Louis area near extended family and friends. Jeff is a real estate lawyer and Claire works for a school district in the field of special education.  We recently bought our […]

Collin & Bailey

ABOUT US: HI! We are Collin & Bailey! We have been happily married for 3 years and together for 6. We were both born and raised in the STL, and love living in a city with so many children activities such as the zoo! We enjoy spending time in our […]

Stacey & Jene

ABOUT US Hello! We’re Stacey and Jené Bone from St. Louis, MO. Stacey is a veterinarian, and Jené is a school nurse. Stacey also has a small business that works to improve the quality of life of senior pets. We have two dogs, Bella and Akers, who add to the […]

Matt & Sarah

ABOUT US: Hello! We are Matt and Sarah. We have been so blessed to become parents to two sweet kiddos that are now almost 7 and 3 years old. Both joined our family through adoption as newborns. We cannot imagine our world without them. Or a world where they are […]

Tony & Becky

Hello! Thanks for taking some time to look at our profile. We are Becky & Tony. We met in college and began dating in 2000. We have been happily married for the past eleven years. In 2015, we welcomed a baby boy through adoption. Our family has been so supportive […]

Ryan & Courtney

ABOUT US Hello! We are Courtney and Ryan, we have been married for four years, and we are very excited to be parents! We live in a suburb of St. Louis and are both from large families that we spend time with often. Courtney is a Physical Therapist and Ryan […]